Fundraising With Carvel®

With Carvel, helping raise money for your organization is both easy and delicious.

To set one up, simply follow these directions.

  • Contact your local Carvel Shoppe about a fundraiser
  • Purchase discounted certificates for our handmade ice cream cakes
  • Sell the certificates for a retail price
  • Your organization then receives the profits* and your customers enjoy a handmade Carvel cake.

Our methods have proven successful. We’ve helped hundreds of causes raise money.

Your efforts will also provide:

  • A fresh, quality product for your organization to sell
  • No product preparation, hassles or handling
  • Easy and quick transactions
  • A unique fundraiser in most communities

Visit our store locator to find the store nearest you and inquire about fundraiser participation in your area.*

* Participation and all pricing varies by individual franchised locations.