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Longtime fan-favorite chocolatey bites are on breakfast tables and Carvel menus, just in time for ice cream season

April 01, 2021
Atlanta, GA

After a year unlike any other, Carvel® Ice Cream believes dessert can and should be enjoyed any time of day – including breakfast! That’s why Carvel is, for the first time ever, offering its adored chocolate Crunchies as a limited-edition breakfast cereal, bringing fans new ways and moments to delight in this tasty treat.

Crunchies are Carvel’s special blend of decadent chocolate cookie pieces, coated with a rich chocolate bonnet shell for that added crunch. They’re best known for bringing a unique layer to Carvel’s iconic ice cream cakes or added as a topping to their famous soft serve, and now this crunchy deliciousness can be savored anytime.

“Crunchies have been an important part of celebrations and special moments, big and small, for generations,” said Nicolle DuBose, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Carvel. “More and more, fans are telling us they want to experience Crunchies in new ways – and we listened to them. With the introduction of Crunchies Cereal and our lineup of limited-time Crunchies-filled ice cream treats, we’re kicking off ice cream season in a big way and providing fans new opportunities to create Crunchies-filled memories.”

In addition to Crunchies Cereal, fans can also get their chocolatey fix with a lineup of new Crunchies creations and a few Carvel favorites loaded with Crunchies, available for a limited-time:

  • Crunchies To-Go - Carvel’s famous chocolate crunchies coated with our Brown Bonnet®
  • Crunchies Shake - Vanilla soft ice cream blended with fudge and Crunchies
  • Crunchies Dasher - Vanilla soft ice cream with layers of Crunchies and bittersweet fudge topped with whipped cream and a chocolate medallion
  • Flying Saucers Rolled in Crunchies - Flying Saucer® crackers filled with Vanilla soft ice cream rolled in Crunchies
  • Crazy for Crunchies Cake - Deluxe cake made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate Crunchies in the middle, and chocolate ice cream on the bottom, loaded with milk fudge, and covered in Crunchies on the side
  • Crunchies Celebration Cake - Carvel Crunchies cake made with Vanilla ice cream, chocolate Crunchies in the middle, and chocolate ice cream on the bottom loaded with Carvel whipped cream, trimmed with milk fudge and covered in Crunchies on the side
  • Novelty Cones Rolled in Crunchies - Vanilla soft ice cream rolled in Crunchies on a sugar cone
  • Vanilla soft ice cream on a Cake Cone or Cup Rolled in Crunchies

Carvel Crunchies ice cream treats are available now for a limited time at Carvel shoppes and via food delivery platforms. Beginning April 16, the new Crunchies Cereal will be available at grocery retailers nationwide - or will they?

Did we fool you? There’s a reason Carvel announced Crunchies Cereal on April Fool’s Day! While Crunchies Cereal sadly won’t be available in grocery stores, in honor of the beloved chocolatey pieces Carvel has created limited-edition individual boxes of Crunchies Cereal that will be available at Carvel shoppes and via food delivery platforms. And that’s no joke.

From April 16 through April 18, Carvel is giving the first 150 in-person and food delivery platform customers at each shoppe location a limited-edition individual box of Crunchies Cereal with the purchase of a Crunchies Dasher, while supplies last. Whether you use the cereal to add extra Crunchies to your favorite Carvel ice cream treat, indulge in your best breakfast cereal experience, or save it as a nostalgic keepsake, Crunchies Cereal is this season’s tastiest get. Fans can also follow Carvel at @CarvelIceCream on Twitter and on Instagram, or like Carvel’s Facebook page, to find more opportunities on how to snag a box.

To find a Carvel shoppe and delivery availability near you, visit To learn more about the new Crunchies cereal and ice cream treats lineup, fans can visit

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