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How it’s made

If it’s sold here, it’s made here.

The people in our shoppes aren’t just a bright smile across the counter. They make everything you see in the shoppe. From our scooped flavors, to the cakes and take-home treats, to a fresh soft-serve sundae. Everything is made by hand. That adds a lot to the quality of every item. Our people manage the creaminess of our products. They mix in the flavors. They hand whip the frosting they use on the cakes. So when you slide your spoon into one of treats, you taste nothing but great flavor.

That’s been our tradition from the beginning. Tom Carvel worked tirelessly to not only open new stores but to create new equipment for a better tasting product. He not only invented the soft-serve machine, but by 2009 Carvel held more than 300 copyrights, trademarks and patents.

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